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  • Two mountain bikers riding in Arizona

    Mountain Biking in Sedona Arizona

    An avid mountain biker finds a sense of community and belonging on the red sand trails of Sedona. Watch as he glides down narrow, rugged bike trails with ease, forgetting the rest of the world exists.

  • The sun peers through the arms of a large cactus

    Scottsdale to Bisbee, Arizona

    Discover the colourful, flavoursome, and one-of-a-kind restaurants of America's West. Whether it's soul food, Mexican, or desserts you want, you'll encounter a food culture that's every bit as thrilling and spectacular as the Western landscape.

  • UT_Utah_UOT_Antelope Island State Park_Banner_Hero2_Web72DPI

    Canyons of Arizona and Utah

    Arizona and Utah: Ariel and John explore the rich cultural heritage of the American southwest and run an ultramarathon, visit a mystical canyon, ride with Bison, and learn about the largest organism on Earth.