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    Interactive roadtrip

    Southern Californian Desert

    Travel the Southern California desert to see art and museums from the quirky to the serene, meet the "Steel Picasso", feel what it's like to truly live off-the-grid, and dine in classic 50s style.

  • Sierra Vista Scenic Byway Fresno Dome sunset
    Interactive roadtrip

    Central Valley

    Visit the bar decorated with over a million pennies, sample some wine at a country market, hit a museum, see an underground garden, and travel back in time to learn some history.

  • A man stands beneath a huge fallen tree trunk
    Interactive roadtrip

    Gold Country

    Our heroes discover the fascinating history of the gold rush, learn how to blow glass, prospect for gold, climb down a 100-foot cavern, go to prison, drink some wine, and eat some pie.