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  • A street with a large graffiti wall depicting a singer
    Interactive roadtrip

    Midwest Bound

    Visit three iconic sporting locations in the American Midwest, including Detroit, Chicago, and Cincinnati, and explore the inextricable link between sport, food, and culture that defines this classic American experience.

  • Large pink shirted mannequins advertise a roadside cafe

    Romeoville to Hamel, Illinois - Route 66

    Take Route 66 on a journey from Lincoln's home town in Springfield, Illinois, along America's Main Street – a magical journey into old and new Americana, colourful roadside attractions, and some fascinating shops, restaurants and taverns.

  • A man excited with a chicken tray

    Ben's Surprise Birthday Food Tour

    The team takes to the streets of Chicago, Illinois to celebrate their friend's birthday with a culinary tour of the city and experience two of Chicago's favourite treats – deep-dish pizza, and the Italian Beef Dip sandwich.